The Next Generation Academy, operated by our NC State Men’s Soccer Coaching Staff & Players, is being offered for the 2nd consecutive year for male players ages 7-13, and encourages youth players to focus on leadership development while maintaining a love for the game. Next Generation focuses on a holistic approach to developing youth soccer players. Next Generation prides itself on developing all aspects of the game; technical, tactical, physical, and social. By incorporating leadership development, players will develop skills such as time management, work ethic, honesty, integrity, and awareness, which directly impacts a player’s ability on the pitch. Our main focus is to develop well-balanced players both on and off the field. A player’s love for the game will continue to grow as they gain quality technical training and leadership tools.  


Next Generation will educate, encourage, empower and most importantly challenge young players to develop in each aspect of the game.  The two-hour program will begin with a 20 minute leadership session where players will learn and develop leadership skills. It will conclude with a 120 minute small group field training session allowing players to grow their passion and development for the game.


Next Generation believes with encouragement, education and activity great players will develop and leaders will emerge. Space is very limited, and only 50 field players will be accepted to the program on a first come first serve basis. These players will be mentored and trained by current and former NC State Men’s Soccer coaches and players, who know and understand the importance of developing all aspects of the game.


In addition to our Leadership & Technical Training component with the NC State Men's Soccer Coaching Staff and Players, all Next Generation Academy players will receive:


  • A FREE 2019 Full Day Summer Camp Credit!
  • Custom Adidas NC State Soccer Uniform (Jersey & Shorts)
  • Custom Adidas NC State Soccer Training Jacket
  • Custom NC State Soccer Ball




Alongside our field players, the Next Generation Academy will be running a specific goalkeeper training program. Goalkeepers will participate with the field players for the leadership portion of the program, and then train separately with Coach Walzer and our NC State Men's Soccer current and past goalkeepers. To reserve a spot in the Goalkeeper Academy, click on the signup button below, and make sure to select the Next Generation Academy-Goalkeepers option.


The Next Generation Goalkeeper program will provide goalkeepers the resources to be successful both on and off the field in any environment. Goalkeepers will increase their knowledge off the field in areas of leadership, communication, relationship building, time management, work ethic, and respect which will ultimately increase their ability to manage the team during a training session or match. The complete goalkeeper not only is a good shot stopper but also proficient in many other on the field topics. What separates the elite goalkeeper from the rest of the pack is the ability to manage the team with leadership qualities. 


Also the goalkeeper training sessions will cover the following topics:
Footwork Techniques
Handling Techniques
Shot Stopping and Angle Play
Shot Stopping and Second Saves
Crossing and Distribution
Crossing and Second Saves
Punching and Parrying
Cutback Situations
Inside 18 Shot stopping
Starting Positions 
1 v 1 Situations
Kicking and Distribution
Game Mentality

Next Generation presents topics such as communication, goal setting, respect, relationship building, community service, time management and work ethic which will help improve a player’s ability on the pitch. Next Generation teaches these lessons in a manner which engage and intrigue today’s youth. The impact Next Generation has is immeasurable; not only will Next Generation hone in on the importance of transforming today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders but it incorporates all facets of the game developing the complete player. A large portion of Next Generation focuses on the player upholding good moral character and valuable life lessons while growing on the pitch. Next Generation players will become the Leaders, Players and Role Models of tomorrow.

2019 Friday Night

Schedule (6-8pm)

Feb 1st

Feb 8th

Feb 15th

Feb 22nd

Mar 1st

Mar 8th

Mar 15th

Mar 22nd

Mar 29th

Apr 5th


2019 Rain Dates

Apr 12th

Apr 26th


2019 Current Program Tuition &

Payment Plan Option

(Can be paid in full or setup to be auto billed monthly for 3 months October-December 2018)


One Time Registration Fee/Deposit Charged 

at the Time of Registration: $294.50


Installment #1 Autobilled October 1st: $200*

Installment #2 Autobilled November 1st: $200*

Installment #3 October 1st: $200*


*The Next Generation Goalkeeper Academy has a $100 additional fee, that is spread out evenly and added to the three monthly installment payments.


Due to the Limited Space and Advanced Reservations of Facilities and Staff for this program, deposit and installment payments are non-refundable.


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